Premiere: “The Stain” by TR/ST

A track that underlines a new direction for Robert Alfons

At first listen, the “The Stain” is exactly as TR/ST’s Robert Alfons explains it to us: “a trepidatious push through murky waters, searching for shore.” The dark-wave track, premiering here, emits an eerie, emotional fog—and Alfons’ captivating voice acts as the guiding light through it all. Repeat listens, however, reveal many of the acclaimed artist’s greatest strengths. The atmosphere he constructs is addictive. His vocals hook. And the sonic structure of the song offers a narrative of undeniable beauty. As with last month’s track release, “Destroyer,” there’s a tactile, earthy texture that eschews some of the electro-pop virtues of Alfons’ earlier electronic output.

Alfons will soon embark upon this year’s second US and international tour. It accompanies the 1 November release of The Destroyer – Part 2—and follows April’s release of The Destroyer. It’s an ambitious schedule for the artist and it mirrors his creative commitment to this new direction. Alfons is ready to guide listeners along. From the latest track to the entire double-release and substantial time on the road, Alfons’ passion-powered momentum deserves attention.

Image courtesy of Corinne Schiavone