Range Rover Evoque “City Evocation”

Exploring urban hubs through the eyes and ears of a photographer, a music producer and visual artists

Sponsored by Land Rover USA

With the understanding that every person’s travel experience is unique, Range Rover Evoque embarked on a creative endeavor: tell the stories of three cities via shape, color and sound. By way of thoughtful, engaging videos, NYC-based (via Australia and Taiwan) photographer Paul Jung, New Orleans-inspired artists Cleo Wade and Liza Voloshin, and LA DJ/producer Jason Stewart (aka Them Jeans) present intriguing perspectives on the cities, each drawing attention to aspects of their chosen city—whether it’s a warmth to the sound in certain areas of Los Angeles or how red seems to capture the spirit of New Orleans perfectly. Via geometric and sensory references the “City Evocation” series explores how we are all a part of the bigger picture even in big cities. With our senses always alert (albeit sometimes subconsciously), we participate with the world around us, one urban adventure at a time.

The Shape of New York: Paul Jung

Photographer Paul Jung, who has lived in NYC since 2004, recounts how he sees the big city as honeycomb—with layers of action and excitement everywhere you turn. Geometry is his focus, from the micro to the macro and from uptown to downtown.

The Color of New Orleans: Cleo Wade and Liza Voloshin

Artists Cleo Wade and Liza Voloshin tell the story of visiting New Orleans and immersing themselves in the spirit and culture of the city—constantly being influenced and altered by its moods and colors. The complex color palate of the city triggers more than just emotion in both.

The Sound of Los Angeles: Them Jeans

Them Jeans (aka Jason Stewart) drives from the Hollywood Hills to downtown LA, explaining how the rumblings of the City of Angels inspire him musically—from nature sounds to street noise, music at taco trucks and more. Ultimately, it’s the overall warmth—distinct from neighborhood to neighborhood but always present—that compels his creation.

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Videos and image courtesy of Land Rover USA