Remarkable Sea Creatures Discovered Thousands of Meters Deep

Deep below the surface of the Indian Ocean—thousands of meters down—several remarkable creatures have been discovered by biologists. There are animals “decked out in twinkling lights, with velvety black skin and mouths full of needle-sharp, glassy fangs.” These inhabitants represent a very remote part of the planet. Not only do they live deep down, within massive underwater mountains, but the part of the ocean they were found in, near the Cocos Islands, took six days to reach from Darwin, Australia. One of the creatures discovered is a blind eel “collected from 5,000m down, covered in jelly-like, transparent skin.” The expedition’s chief scientist, Dr Tim O’Hara, says, “There are blind eels and tripod fish, hatchetfish and dragonfish, with all of these bioluminescent organs on them and lures coming out of their heads. They’re just extraordinary.” Read and see more about these remarkable animals at The Guardian.

Image courtesy of Benjamin Healley