Photographer Rune Guneriussen

by Adrienne So


Norwegian artist Rune Guneriussen photographs groups of ordinary household objects mimicking wild animals.

The scenes capture a peculiarly Nordic combination of otherworldliness and dark humor. A herd of desk lamps turn their lighted heads downwards to graze in the twilight of a lonely Savannah. Two chairs battle for supremacy on a lonely beach amidst a group of helpless bystanders. A line of telephones negotiates a stony mountain pass.

While Guneriussen offers no interpretations of her work, the surreal juxtaposition of man-made objects with distinctly wild settings evokes the fragility and ultimately the ridiculousness of man's efforts to subdue nature. The clean, sterile lines of the objects stand in defiant contrast to the ragged edges of the stones, waves and trees around them.


A herd of lit globes on snowy rocks makes a delicately beautiful scene, but also suggests that, unlike the sea lions they emulate, globes can't survive outdoors for very long.

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Rune Guneriussen
6-29 November 2009
Galleri Gathe
Strandgaten 86
Bergen, Norway 5004 map
tel. +47 45 27 94