Say Yes Dog’s End of Summer Playlist for COOL HUNTING

A collection of songs with a lazy summer vibe from the Berlin-based trio

Made to mourn the end of summer and celebrate their European tour, Berlin-based band Say Yes Dog (aka Aaron Ahrends, Pascal Karier, Paul Rundel) has crafted a playlist for COOL HUNTING readers. The trio put together the list of songs while driving from city to city between shows. Rundel tells us, “There’s probably more than one mood that runs through our little selection. There are so many different songs with different appeal to each one of us, but on this we all can agree with great joy. Maybe more of a late, lazy summer vibe on one side and on the other something that literally drives us and keeps us going while we’re on tour. So there has to be something for everyone in that list ’cause we’re driving ourselves!” The playlist begins with a breezy tune by Arlo Parks, and includes music by Monster Rally, Mindchatter, Little Dragon and plenty more.

After releasing their record Voyage earlier this year (featuring “Lies” and cover art by another CH favorite, Tyler Spangler), the trio has been performing at festivals from Paris to Utrecht to Dresden. “The festival season has been a really good time these last months,” Rundel says. “But now we’re so much looking forward to our own tour, getting close with the audience and our new songs. The show feels in a way more complete now than it used to be, there’s still a lot to dance to, but we’re definitely exploring other vibes than we did before. And we’re bringing a great support every night—his name is Jackie Moontan and he’s gonna blow your mind and shirt off.”

While the band enjoys taking time in the studio, Rundel says, “There is a certain spark that you can only get when you play live. Not to sound too esoteric but especially when you manage to catch an audience, the amount of energy that can jump over from a crowd feels like you can almost touch it and so we basically feed off each other which is the best feeling.” For those fortunate to witness the trio live on their solo tour, Rundel says the band’s aim is “to take them on a little journey with us, on a voyage!”

Image courtesy of Say Yes Dog and Wagram