Scion Installation 3

Blainefontana Front

The third annual Scion Installation opens tomorrow, 11 May 2006, in New York's East Village featuring an impressive list of legendary urban artists including Stay High 149, Crash, and Dr. Revolt. This year's edition of Installation highlights the work of graffiti art legends who have applied their individual style, color, and design aesthetics to three-foot long polyurethane sculptures of Scion's sleek and sporty tC, like in Blaine Fontana's riff on the hunting lodge trend (pictured above). At a time when a group of young artists (backed by streetwear maker Marc Ecko) are suing the city of New York over its new, strict anti-graffiti law, the 2006 Scion Installation will allow for a timely exploration of street art and the nature of its role as a vehicle for free speech. The show runs through 18 May 2006, traveling to Atlanta and Los Angeles next. Check details of the opening and more images after the jump.

Scion Installation 3
Opening: 11 May 2006, 7-11pm
The Showroom
117 2nd Avenue, 2nd Floor
New York, NY map

Mad Front

Mad Front

Mikegiant Front

Mike Giant

Crash Front


Jeremyfish Front

Jeremy Fish