Secret Art Show

Mysterious works from Brooklyn artists in a one-night gallery show


Keren Richter—who last year had us reading Space is the Place, a psychedelic art zine inspired by the eponymous film by Sun Ra—has teamed up with designer Nanse Kawashima to present “Secret”, an art exhibition dedicated to the many faces of the unknown. The one-night-only show, which is composed almost entirely of Brooklyn artists, will take place in Richter’s Williamsburg studio space. While reflecting the community of local talent, the show is also a celebration of eclectic mediums.

Secret_Art_Show2a.jpg Secret_Art_Show2b.jpg

Richter’s deliberately cryptic description of the Secret Art Show details few certainties. There will be 25 artists from diverse backgrounds ranging from jewelry design to music video directing to painting. All works channel the notion of secrecy in some form—veiling and darkness a common thread throughout. Not even Richter is quite sure what some of the artists have in mind. There may also be a peep show.

Participants include Richter, Eva Tuerbl, Josie Miner, Caris Reid, ByKenyan , Wyeth Hansen and Symbols + Rituals, among others.


29 March 2012 from 7-10pm

109 South 5th Street #500

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211