NYC pays homage to surfing with a three gallery-wide exhibition

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A love letter to the best of beach culture, the forthcoming exhibition “Swell” explores the heavy influence surfing has held on artists worldwide, with a particularly in-depth look at the major movements surfacing out of California’s Venice Beach during the 1960s. Spread among three galleries in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood, the combined works amass to hundreds of photos, paintings and sketches for one of the largest surf-inspired exhibits in history.

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The two strains of minimalist art originated in Venice Beach are Light and Space and Finish Fetish. Oft-using surfboard materials such as plastic and resin to create works of art, both groups experimented with bright colors and geometric patterns. Light and Space artists evoked transparency and the airy atmosphere of the West Coast, while the Finish Fetish offshoot fixated on the high-gloss surfaces of surfboards, hot rods and plastics.

RobertDeanStockwell_Pandora.jpg CatherineOpie_AsymmetricalBalance1.jpg

“Swell” also highlights other movements influenced by the spirit of beach and surf culture, such as Assemblage, Beat Art and Pop Art, as well as boards by renowned shapers. With works by Ed Ruscha, Robert Longo (pictured at top), Olaf Breuning, Catherine Opie (above right), Larry Bell (top right), DeWain Valentine(top left), Craig Kauffman and many more on display, “Swell” is sure to cause a wave of beach culture enthusiasm among NYC this summer.

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The exhibition runs from 1 July to 6 August 2010 in galleries of Metro Pictures, Friedrich Petzel and Nyehaus. See many more images from the exhibition in the gallery.