The Burning House

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I was recently in L.A. for the weekend and was lucky enough to catch “The Burning House,†a collaborative installation by Faile, Swoon and David Ellis at New Image Art now extended through 17 March 2007.

Walking into the gallery is overwhelming. Much like Wooster on Spring, Every inch of wall, window, or door has been wheat pasted or painted over. (Click above image for detail.) As your eyes adjust, you start to see that a Swoon fish cut-out intertwines with a David Ellis “motion†painting, which are on top of a Faile sign. A beautiful and cohesive collaboration, it's hard to tell where one artist’s work ends and another begins.

There also are individual works by each artist. Ellis has cute cut-out and painted trucks, Swoon has a few individual portraits including a striking pregnant woman called, “Zahra†and Faile has an array of their pulp fiction-inspired canvases. See more images here or catch it in in the “Guest Room†of the Museum Hetdomein Sittard the Netherlands starting this May.

The Burning House
20 January-17 March 2007
New Image Art Gallery
7908 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046 map
tel. +1 323 654 2192

The Burning House
11 May-18 June 2007 Museum Hetdomein Sittard
Kapittelstraat 6
NL-6131 ER Sittard
tel. +31 46 4513460

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