The Streets: When You Wasn’t Famous


I'm not famous, per se, and like most unfamous people I get annoyed by celebrities that go on and on about what a drag it is. But the Streets' Mike Skinner has finally given us a concrete reason for why it sucks: It's all those fucking camera phones.

On When You Wasn't Famous, the bouncy, paranoid first single from the soon-to-be-released new Street’s record The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living he makes an obvious yet refreshingly honest observation about fame: "It makes it easy to get girls." Why can't Eddie Vedder just admit it?

Famous is a coked-up headrush that lacks any kind of breakdown or bridge, and Skinner’'s voice strains uncomfortably as he “sings” the chorus. Still, if the goal is to get people excited to hear how this scene fits into the wider concept album, he's succeeded brilliantly.

Check it out here.

Contributed by Rory Carroll