Tong Art Advisory’s “Open Air” East Hampton Exhibition of Emerging + Mid-Career Artists

In a region dominated by galleries and fairs centered around blue chip artists, Tong Art Advisory’s Open Air exhibition presents more than 20 works from 15 emerging and mid-career artists (ranging in age from 22 to 35 years old). Housed in an open garage (with 40-foot-long walls and 30-foot-high ceilings) in East Hampton, the exhibition sees 10% of sales donated to each individual artist’s charity of choice. Highlights are aplenty but artist Alexandra Noel’s paintings incorporating the USPS logo, which honor her grandmother’s lifelong employment at the institution, certainly stand out (their sales also benefit the USPS). The exhibition, available to view by appointment, runs through 7 September at 4-10 Sherrill Fosters Path. Learn more at Tong Art Advisory’s Instagram.

Image courtesy of Oscar Yi Hou