Towers of London — Lord Help Us All

ToL.jpgtake the stage. Just when rock was getting good again, we’re sideswiped with something out of left field that makes you take a step back and scratch your head.

But when you listen to the music, it’s not all bad. With their straight-forward fierce guitar and “ays” and “ohs” and “oys,” it makes you think this band is the love (or maybe hate?) child of Guns N’ Roses and the Sex Pistols – with all the attitude and break-your-face bullshit.

Towers of London just signed to TVT Records in the States but have been causing a stir all over England with their balls to the wall antics and tear-up-the-club swagger.

Could this be the second coming of Rotten and Vicious?

Check out this page and click on Xfm Sessions for some tracks.