Trollback+Co: Things We Think About Before Sleep


Trollback+Co, a NYC-based visual and conceptual creative studio, is responsible for some of the most cutting-edge video and motion graphics around. They're the team behind the visuals in the lobby of the Frank Gehry-designed IAC headquarters in NYC, the largest high-res video wall in the world. More recently they challenged their designers, Tetsuro, Peter, Anna, Paul, Emre, Christina and Tolga, to create short films that capture the semi-conscious thoughts they have as they drift from wakefulness to the realm of sleep.

The results depict everything from diapers to train rides using an array of creative visual techniques. Typically studios such as Trollback+Co rarely have time for non-commercial work and it's great to see them pull back the curtain and let each of their designers say something in their own voice. The wide variety of styles and aesthetics and the way each short piece manages to capture that subconscious moment is a testament to their unique talents. See "Things We Think About Before Sleep" on their site.

via Motionographer