Warpaint: Stevie

Off the forthcoming album Radiate Like This (out 6 May) from the LA-based all-women quartet Warpaint, the cosmic song “Stevie” debuts as both a mesmerizing fixed-focus music video and an immersive 3D “Stevie” experience for Oculus created by the Chris Holmes-founded art-meets-technology collective, Fascinated by Everything. “Thinking of visuals for ‘Stevie,’ we weren’t seeing a story or a performance, but a kind of ‘Tunnel Of Love’ image kept coming to my head, more like waves of serotonin, what love feels like,” Warpaint guitarist and vocalist Emily Kokal says in a statement. “Right around that time Chris showed us what he was working on and it was like, ‘Whoa, this is way more “Tunnel Of Love” than we could’ve imagined!'”