iPhone Photo Accessories from CES

Five add-ons to raise your level of mobile photography

While running around the labrynth of CES last week we noticed more than a couple standouts in the category of iPhone photography. From snap-on fisheyes and tripod-compatible add-ons to an app that sends physical post cards with the swipe of a finger, the following are five iPhone photo accessories that bring a new level of sophistication to cameraphone photography.

Pico-Dolly-1.jpg Pico-Dolly-2.jpg

To improve upon the already-impressive HD video capabilities of the iPhone 4S, the Pico Flex Dolly allows the user to mount their device to shoot smooth tracking and panning shots. The pared-down roller sets up in 30 seconds, allowing you to conveniently add some cinematic magic to your next cat video. The comprehensive kit, which includes a friction arm, shark clip and carrying case in addition to the dolly, sells for $100 while the stand-alone dolly goes for $70 from Amazon.

Postcard-app-1.jpg Postcard-app-2.jpg

Perfect for travelers, Postcard on the Run is a new app that allows users to send physical postcards with snapshots from their phone and a personalized message. For around $2 via credit card or Paypal, the app takes care of postage and mailing with a few swipes and taps. Plus, you can add a GPS location and, even, a special smell.


The latest from Liquid Image is the Apex Series of goggles with a built-in HD camera. Features include an adjustable 1080p camera and GPS that connect to your phone via wi-fi, which allows for the phone to act as a viewfinder for the googles to review footage. Although the exact released date has not been announced, the Apex Series is expected to retail for $400. Keep an eye out in the coming months for more info.


For more variety than Instagram’s filters can offer, the Olloclip for iPhone equips the camera to shoot in one of three modes—fisheye, wide angle and macro. The little gadget slips over the camera corner of your phone to produce the desired effect with its respective lens. Unlike the multitude of other removable lens adaptors, the Olloclip slides on and off without adhesives or magnets. Olloclip is available online for $70.


For a steadier shot or focused zoom we’re liking the Mosy Mount, a tripod-mountable adapter that offers stability without being too clunky. The Mosy Mount works with bost iPhones and Android devices, as well as with most tablets. Available online for $15.