Announcing WORLDZ: a Cultural Marketing Summit and Community

We'll be hosting a workshop at this new initiative from the PTTOW! team

We’ve been fortunate to be part of the PTTOW! community for several years. The acronym stands for Planning To Take On the World, and its 230 or so members represent leaders—only one per company—across industries and genres. Execs of some of the largest companies in the world mix with gold medal athletes, artists, innovators and entrepreneurs, all united in the desire to be the best, to share insight and expertise with the community, and to forge new relationships.

WORLDZ is about storytelling, technology, media, social impact, entertainment and leadership. “This is about bringing together today’s superstars, which are PTTOW! members, with tomorrow’s rising stars, which are our member’s teams and other epic people we meet,” says founder Roman Tsunder. It’s a natural extension of PTTOW!—designed for the teams of the people who attend PTTOW! and to nurture up-and-coming talent who aspire to learn from and with others who have succeeded (and failed) along the way.

The first WORLDZ Cultural Marketing Summit is 2-3 August in Downtown Los Angeles, bringing together several PTTOW! members (see the list here), many of whom are speaking, hosting workshops and will be available for one-on-ones. It includes some amazing people, like Quincy Jones, Dr. Peter Diamandis, Tony Hawk and IN-Q, as well as Cool Hunting founders Josh Rubin and Evan Orensten, who will be hosting a workshop on creating a passion-based business.

Join us and become one of the founding members of the WORLDZ community.

Images courtesy of PTTOW!