You Call That Art?! Pop-up Book

A new interactive book that teaches budding art enthusiasts about sculpture


Pop-up book artists David A. Carter and James Diaz have teamed up once again to offer another interactive hands-on approach to learning. This time the duo turned their attention to sculpture. Appropriating the phrase often floating in the air of many a modern art museum, “You Call That Art?!” is an entertaining guide to the three-dimensional art form, from its earliest prehistoric appearances to some of the most recognizable figures today. The book presents a simple-yet-informative collection of biographies including such notables as Picasso, Duchamp and Noguchi. The tome invites young readers to explore the medium as it passes from era to era, exposing the true flexibility of sculpture as an art form. Coupled with a glossary and list of outside resources, “You Call That Art?!” strives to plant a seed of curiosity for the budding artist to explore.

In addition to the book, “You Call That Art?!” also includes a collection of die-cut cardboard pieces that young readers can pop out and use to create colorful, miniature sculptures of their own. Though there are suggestions on how to use the pieces, the book encourages readers to flex their imagination and go wild. This thoughtful addition makes the book fun, engaging and educational.

Pick up “You Call That Art?!” for $22 from Amazon.

Image by Cool Hunting