14 Calendars for 2014

Make each day a little more special with these unique calendars, featuring bodega cats and expiration dates

According to the Chinese zodiac, the year of the wood horse promises opportunities and victories, adventures and even surprising romances—if you’re willing to take chances like the free-spirited, spontaneous animal. Although the Standard Hotel’s 2014 calendar has set the bar high in terms of creativity and good laughs, we’ve hunted down 14 more calendars for 2014 that are guaranteed to make waking up to each day a little more special. If you’re feeling nostalgic or in the mood for more innovative designs, check out our past round-ups of 2013 and 2012 calendars.

moon-phase-calendar.jpg snug-calendar-pink.jpg
Moon Phases

Traditionally, ancient (and some of today’s) civilizations kept track of the passing months by watching the phases of the moon. Portland-based artist Christy Nyboer makes a gorgeous tribute with large, hand-printed Moon Phases Calendars that indicate specific periods of the moon throughout the year. It’s designed to work as a two-in-one; once the year is finished, keep the top half as a breathtaking print of the moon. Available from Etsy in silver, gold or chrome for $40.

Snug Studio Calendar

Sometimes the most simple designs are the loveliest, as is the case with Hanover, Germany-based Snug Studio’s 2014 wall calendar, which is just about as basic as possible—but still a design enthusiast’s dream. It’s a graphical, geometric-tinged piece that’s pretty enough to frame and comes in white or soft pink. Available from Snug Studio for €15 plus shipping.



This poster-size perpetual calendar is made up of expiration dates collected from food and medicine packaging but will never expire itself. It comes with 50 reusable neon orange sticky notes to mark those important days out of the total 365. Be sure to keep an eye out for EXP CAL MM and DD versions, which are currently in the works. Nab it for $20 from Brooklyn-based product design studio Curio.

tiny-calendar.jpg matchbook-calendar.jpg
Tiny Calendar

Many good things come in small packages. In this case, it’s a Tiny Calendar encased in an equally tiny manila envelope. This miniature edition of six double-sided letterpress printed cards is made in the USA and sells from Philadelphia’s Zakka Shop for $24.

Matchbook Calendar

If you’re in the market for a small-sized calendar, this 2014 one comes in the form of a matchbook—so you can take the days with you wherever you go. They’re handmade by Kansas-based illustrator and designer Christine Schneider, whose letterpress items are printed on an antique 1950s Craftsman Machinery tabletop press. Available from her website inkello for $8.

obsessive-timekeepers.jpg show-me-the-changes.jpg
Obsessive Timekeepers Calendar

The perfect calendar for those with a slight (or major) case of OCD, the Obsessive Timekeepers Calendar will keep you meticulously on track all year. It includes information about the moon, the tides and holidays of all denominations. Plus, it’s so big that it will cover a door—or a lot of a wall—so you will have no option but to be on time (every time) in 2014. Available from Kiosk for $28.

Show Me The Changes

Indianapolis-based artist Nathaniel Russell whose work, regardless of the medium (ranging from prints to fake books to even music), is poetic and beautiful, in a rare delicate manner. His 2014 is yet another winner, playing on the phrase oft heard by jazz musicians. The limited edition calendar sells from Russell’s online store for $30.

hay-calendar-perforated-2014.jpg recipes-calendar.jpg
HAY Perforated Calendar

For those who like to make something intangible a little more real is the Perforated 2014 Calendar by Danish furniture and design brand HAY. Using a similar approach to crossing days off a calendar, this year-at-a-glance gives owners the option to tear each day off as it passes—either giving one a sense of accomplishment or reminding us of our impending doom. Available from HAY for $27 in white or rose colors.

2014 Calendar Recipes

Make good on that New Year’s resolution to say farewell to Seamless and cook at home more with this handmade recipe-a-month calendar from LA-based graphic designer Mimi Kim. Each month features a dessert or snack such as banana fosters and cream scones, but the recipes are assuredly simple, requiring five ingredients or less. This cheerfully illustrated desk calendar can be found on Etsy for $20.

marimekko-2014-calendar.jpg margaret-howell-calendar-1.jpg
Marimekko Wall Calendar

No matter what the weather is outside, the colorful patterns in this 2014 wall calendar from Helsinki-based Marimekko are sure to brighten up any room inside, like they’ve been doing with their iconic red Unikko (poppy) print. Snag it while it’s on sale from Marimekko for $36.

Favorite Buildings

British fashion designer Margaret Howell is known for her classic English look, which champions simplicity and utility with a hint of androgyny. Howell’s 2014 calendar is a collection of her favorite buildings that have participated in Open House London, which opens up buildings to the general public to showcase the capital’s architecture. Favorite Buildings sells from her online store for £20.


Mountain Calendar

Inspired by the mountain ranges she viewed in Thailand and Laos, Toronto-based artist Pam Lostracco created a new way to read the year at a glance with her Mountain Calendar. The months and numbers “walk” along the top of each ridge like hikers. The print is available in three additional colors, and can be found at Etsy for $36.

bodega-cats.jpg sunrise-app-1a.jpg
Bodega Cat Calendar

For the most hilarious calendar we’ve seen yet, the award goes to the Bodega Cat Calendar from Brooklyn-based BIGMUN, whose true identity is a mystery. While we’re weary of cats in any form making internet news, this collection of cats snapped in familiar corner delis is too bizarre to pass up. True to BIGMUN’s style (where being a bit “off” is on-brand) the calendar is full of low-res images and misspellings with Windows 98-inspired formatting and until this year started in June. Available online for $10.

Sunrise Calendar

A new year calls for—hopefully—better productivity. Sunrise is a minimalist calendar app that syncs your Google calendar, iCloud and Facebook events. It also integrates other social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare to keep track of the attendees and locations as much as the events. Co-founder and CEO Pierre Valade tells CH, “At Sunrise, we think there is a great opportunity to simplify people’s lives with a better calendar. By focusing on great design and technology, we are able to make everyday a little easier.” Never miss an appointment again by downloading the app for free from the iTunes Store.

All images courtesy of respective designers or brands