Alize and Diablo Bicycles

BMW's design group teams up with windsurfing experts NeilPryde on a set of new high-performance bikes


The joint effort of BMW’s DesignworksUSA and windsurfing industry leaders NeilPryde, these two new bikes marry computer-designed aerodynamics and carbon composite materials for a set of high-performance road bikes.


Designing the tube of the Alize using a Computational Fluid Dynamic modeling system, each element of the bike—frame, forks, wheels and components—has a profile tweaked to optimize airflow. The lower third of the down tube features an extended Kamm tail (an abruptly truncated rear) with a more efficient transition into the seat tube that tricks air into flowing better.


The Diablo’s innovation comes from strategically integrating carbon fiber into the front triangle, fork blades, chain and seat stats, forming a continuous exoskeleton through key transition points and making for a frame with superior strength.

Distributed online and through select dealers, the bikes start at $2,250 for the frame, topping out at $5,500 for a complete bike with Shimano Dura Ace equipment.