Andrew Kuo: No Lifeguard on Duty


NYC-based artist Andrew Kuo's obsessive charts that analyze musical events have been popping up in the New York Times' music section for the last couple of months. His latest graphic representation that appeared there over the weekend takes on this summer's series of concerts at Brooklyn's McCarren pool and is by far his most nerdy yet.

Diagrams represent his own sets of quirky data ("My Summer Mood Swings," "Times I Wish I Knew Somebody at the Show") in visually pleasing arrangements of color and pattern. As someone who likes to daydream at concerts, I appreciated the graph representing what was going through Kuo's mind during the shows. On the Slip n' Slide participants: "It's really hard to watch some people flopping around in bathing suits." His generally positive approach and lighthearted first-person critiques are OCD reviews for the geek chic generation.