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Anthology Magazine

A new quarterly magazine pairing storytelling with unscripted interior design


With the creation of their new quarterly shelter and lifestyle publication Anthology, editor Anh-Minh Le and creative director Meg Mateo Ilasco have introduced a beautifully-assembled magazine that juxtaposes eye-catching photographic coverage of home décor, travel, design, entertaining, and culture with compelling narratives on these subjects.


Anh-Minh, veteran contributor to publications like The San Francisco Chronicle and ReadyMade magazine, and Meg, author of several home design books and creator of the Modern Economy sample sale, came together to produce this print publication with the idea of putting together a magazine that’s not about perfection or providing a model of the ideal home. Rather, says Meg, “We’re about authenticity and real living—we ask our stylists not to bring too many props and encourage them to use what the owners have. We won’t show you a paint-by-numbers round up of products to steal the look of another home.”


“Most importantly,” Meg told us, “we’re about good stories—if there isn’t a good one to share, it doesn’t make the cut.” Anh-Minh chimed in, “Maybe it’s because we’re both writers, but we love the backstory and learning how someone or something became who or what they are today—whether it’s a piece of furniture, a home’s interior, or an individual in the design community.” Additionally, there was no trepidation about the print medium. It was a no-brainer, the two say, to match the thoughtful content to what these days is an unexpected format; the title and focus of the first issue, aptly enough, is “The Slow Life.”


With features such as the home of Jen Mankins, owner of Brooklyn clothing store Bird, an interview with Design*Sponge founder Grace Bonney, contributions by photographer Thayer Allyson Gowdy, and a trip to Park City, the inaugural issue of Anthology is not to be missed. Order your subscription here.


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