Baldwin Denim in Kansas City

The denim company founder, Matthew Baldwin, co-designed a new space featuring both men's and women's apparel


Baldwin Denim has opened its very first store that showcases both their men’s and women’s collections. Located in central Kansas City, it’s the brand’s first physical expansion since their brick-and-mortar flagship selling just men’s attire. Baldwin—which is focused on quality tailoring, functionality and durability—has been expanding swiftly and impressively: Beginning in 2009 with three men’s fits and a production run of 70 articles, they now cut and sew (in the US) men’s and women’s shirts, pants, denim and accessories. The Kansas City shop is modern and minimal—and also happens to be co-designed by Baldwin Denim’s founder, Matthew Baldwin.


Matthew Hufft of Hufft Architects—the firm that also created Baldwin’s flagship men’s store—returned to collaborate on the space. With 1,000 square feet at their disposal, the team was met with a minimal amount of room; no closets or back-of-house storage, but they were able to craft a clean, vibrant shop. The refined style of the apparel manifests within the space’s execution—it’s all great looking, highly functional and with a strong attention to detail.


Baldwin KC’s façade is composed of interlocking, matte black zinc panels which have been presented in a simple, linear pattern. The Baldwin mark has been waterjet-cut into the exterior sign; itself composed of clear-finished, sandblasted aluminum paneling. The interior embraces muted black, white and gray, allowing the merchandise to be the hero. From black denim curtains to built-in glass shelves, the flourishes are kept to a minimum, creating a understated, comfortable and clean space.

Baldwin KC is at 47th and Broadway in Kansas City, Missouri.

Images by Ryan Strong