Below the Boat

Handcrafted bathymetric charts depicting underwater topographies in all their glory


Beneath the hull of every boat, there is a sprawling underwater landscape that one doesn’t often get the chance to see. We can experience this nuanced world of ridges and rises, however, with the help of bathymetric charts, the watery equivalent to topographic maps. While most of these charts are used for practical purposes, the topographies that they reveal can be extraordinary, particularly those created for decoration by the craftsmen at Oregon-based Below the Boat.

below-the-boat-2.jpg below-the-boat-3.jpg

Focusing on favorite coastlines around the world, Below the Boat aims to showcase the beautiful world charted below the depths. Made from stacked, laser cut pieces, each map is carefully constructed, layer by layer and then hand-painted. Protected by a custom wood frame and a transparent plexiglas plate, Below the Boat’s wooden bathymetric charts are a great way to honor and explore the mysteries of the sea floor lurking just beyond your favorite strip of sand.

You can purchase a handcrafted bathymetric chart on Below the Boat’s website. Prices vary according to size and range between $128-$298.

Photos courtesy of Below the Boat