Best of CH 2021: Instagram

Selections that continue to inspire from our posts on the social media service

Once again, the COOL HUNTING Instagram has acted as a platform for our editorial team to tease forthcoming stories, support a swathe of adventures and (hopefully) inspire our audience along the way. This year, amidst the art fairs and test drives and mountain treks, we considered the role of social media in our lives more than ever. Ultimately, of all services, Instagram continues to provide the most insight—on everything from camera technology to photographic process, subject matter and performance. The selections below highlight themes we found running through the year and beyond—and though they are only 10 of many here, each had further meaning that gripped the photographer.

Inspiring Travel

From Katikies in Greece to Palazzo Daniele in Puglia, we traversed high-design hotels across Europe when it was safe to do so this year. We also stayed closer to home—from Newport to the Catskills and Pennsylvania. Travel is a pillar of what we do and remains a frequent theme found on our social media accounts.

Large-Scale Spectacle

Whether it’s through living art or a sandy opera, we’ve managed to find our way to many a profound spectacle this year. It doesn’t take an analytics team to tell social communities that big, bold images of truly eye-catching environs will perform well on Instagram, but even greater than the social posts were the in-person experiences that unfolded around the image.

The Art World’s Return

From solo exhibitions to group shows and international fairs, the art world turned up their offerings in 2021—and the culturally curious were the ones to benefit. We saw an exceptional number of paintings, sculptures, tapestries and more this year, and the highlights may have been more plentiful than ever before.

Auto as Art

More than a moving vessel that imparts a thrilling ride, automobiles are sculptures and the automotive industry champions design. Through our time on the road and behind the wheels of some extraordinary machines, we’ve had the opportunity to catch many a car, truck and crossover in the right light.

Eccentric and Unusual Observations

Every so often we feel compelled to share a video or image outside the realm of ordinary—or, perhaps, what one would expect from the site. Be it a very-large-scale ham sculpture that’s forever getting sliced or metallic details that nod to the niche electric past of the automobiles, there’s no clear way to encapsulate the astounding—though, we try.

Hero image by Paolo Ferrarini