Boréal Bikes smrtGRiPS

Bluetooth connected grips featuring eyes-free haptic navigation and cloud-sourced biking data


Technological innovations in the bike world continue to abound. While some carry more merit than others, there’s no shortage of digital innovations that aim to make cycling safer as well as more convenient and efficient. Montreal-based Boréal Bikes’ newly unveiled smrtGRiPS are the world’s first web-connected bicycle grips. Featuring Bluetooth connectivity, the three and a half ounce cylindrical devices fit discretely into the end of flat, riser and cruiser bar shapes. With the aid of an iOS and Android compatible app, the smrtGRiPS connect riders to community-sourced biking data with useful info on bike lanes, trails and optimal routes. In addition to a bike-finding application, which would be most useful should your bike be stolen, the most useful element is eyes-free navigation. Directions are given via vibration in the grip to signal turns, making it easier to keep your eyes on your surroundings and off of your cellphone map.

Currently crowd-funding, a set of rechargeable smrtGRiPS starts at $69. Visit their dedicated site for further information.

Image courtesy of Boréal Bikes