Master & Dynamic’s MH40 Headphones

Contain loud music with durable, premium headphones perfect for office use


As offices grow evermore headphone-friendly and creative co-working spaces surge in popularity, the market has opened up even further for reliable, attractive headphone options that get real loud—but keep all that sound contained in the ear-pad. A lot of headphones bleed noisily and it’s disruptive. Master & Dynamic‘s debut offering, the MH40, aims to tackle that market head on. From the luxury lambskin leather to the high-end audio engineering, this durable set locks in sound while adhering to a sleek design aesthetic.

Master & Dynamic refers to headphones as the modern thinking cap delivering the soundtrack to daily creativity. Designed and developed in New York City, the entire range of headphones is directed toward those who want their music loud but contained, and with the MH40—which we spent substantial time with at CH HQ—they’ve created a top-of-the-line product that delivers on its claims. They’re surprisingly comfortable and weigh less than a pound. They pack a punch with 45mm Neodymium drivers and—as with any company that believes in their products—Master & Dynamic’s use of premium components (that are easily replaceable after the wear of use) guarantees the MH40 will last. While they’re pitch-perfect for an office space, they’re also beneficial anywhere—from your bedroom to the subway or cafe.

The MH40 headphones are available in black and brown colorways, online for $400.

Photos by David Graver