Brendan Ravenhill’s Versatile Ada Sconce

A new short film explores the method behind the dynamic yet minimal piece

The works of LA-based designer Brendan Ravenhill stem from a process involving many people. The Ada Sconce, for example, goes through metal-bending, hole-punching, and powder-coating before its assembly in Ravenhill’s Glassell Park studio. To offer a peek into this way of making, Ravenhill and his team have created a mini-documentary that follows how the minimal yet versatile light fixture is produced.

“Ada is a celebration of materials and manufacturing methods,” Ravenhill tells us. “We felt that to truly share its story required a behind the scenes look at the people and processes that form it.” The film does exactly that—and goes so far as to offer insight on how you can make the piece your own.

Image courtesy of Brendan Ravenhill