Brown Cardigan Greeting Cards

The team behind the internet phenomenon have taken business offline


Purveyor of memes, laughs and occasional NSFW oddities, Sydney-based website Brown Cardigan has just taken their business offline with a set of 25 greeting cards. As well as covering the obvious—Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Hanukkah, Mother’s Day—the trio behind the site wanted to include cards for any and all occasions. Says the anonymous three-person team behind BC, “They’re for jilted lovers, scorned exes, passive aggressive-ness, sorrow, regret, anxiety, making friends, losing friends and celebrating ignorant rap and rappers, you know? Real life situations. Not just Hallmark moments of fluffy loved up white-bread-eating weirdos.”

BC-cards-1a.jpg BC-cards-1b.jpg

Featuring work from young Australian designers including Georgia Perry,
James Jirat,
Custards, Nicko Phillips and other characters like talented kid artist, Yung Lennox and Tuscon-based rapper Isaiah Toothtaker, there was little to no creative direction and the team at Brown Cardigan wholly trusts each of them. They tell us the direction was literally, “Hey, you’re pretty funny, you should channel your inner-hate/love and design us something.” So they did. And the upshot is a card for just about every season and reason—even if you need to apologize for an inappropriate booty call.

Brown Cardigan’s collection of 25 A6-size cards is available online for $32.

Images courtesy of Brown Cardigan