Pep up your pup's health with a daily dose of powdered vitamins


Though new to the market as a clever way of thinking about canine supplements, K-10+ seems like a product that should already exist. The line of dog-friendly vitamins is the brainchild of NYC-based photographer Ryan Singer, who developed the range after realizing how difficult it is to get a dog to eat a pill. The single-serving powder formulas are “basically like Emergen-C for dogs”, he tells us.

Depending on the dog’s weight, you simply drop the contents of one packet into its water bowl or mix it into its food for a quick and seamless immunity boost. Currently K-10+ makes calcium, glucosamine, omega 3 and multi-vitamin formulas, and each are concocted with human-grade ingredients and designed to be odorless and tasteless.

Each box—designed by Paul Darragh of Manhattan Born—contains 28 packets for a month’s worth of daily nutrition doses for your pup. Pick them up online for $35 a box.