Carhartt WIP + Polar Skate Co.

A capsule collaboration based on the career of enigmatic Swedish skater Pontus Alv


Increasingly, skateboarding is no longer defined by the palm trees and 70-degree weather of sunny Southern California. The contemporary skateboarding narrative is becoming more and more defined outside of the Golden State, especially in NYC, London, Paris and anywhere creativity on four-wheels is being fostered. The new collaboration from Carhartt WIP and Sweden’s Polar Skate Co. personifies the unique character of the Northern European skate scene. With a range of soft goods and decks with graphics fit for gallery walls thanks to clear art direction from Polar founder (and skate team member) Pontus Alv, the capsule brings with it a ’90s vibe, organized around Alv’s freethinking skate style. Specifically, the collection features WIP standby pieces given the Polar treatment and alongside four decks, T-shirts with original artwork and a Swedish-made pen—drawing on Alv’s longtime partnership with the brand as an ambassador.


As much as skateboarding itself is a form of creative expression, illustration and photography play a key role in the collaboration. Polar Skate Co. regular Jakob Ovgren lends his irreverent illustration style while Nils Svensson opts for a monochromatic tone in his photography. Polar co-founder Stefan Narancic rounds out the graphic design of the decks and accompanying zine, “Stoker” with his modernist take on classical forms. A deck should always be skated, but these are certainly worthy of a place on the wall, at least through winter.

Shop the collaboration in select Carhartt WIP stores now and online. Pick up a free copy of “Stoker” at WIP locations or virtually view it in its entirety via Issuu.

Images courtesy of Carhartt WIP and Polar Skate Co.