CH Edition: Good Fight Herb Co.

Chill out with our exclusive blend of smokable herbs designed to ease stress


On a farm bordering the Hudson River, just north of Woodstock, NY in the quaint historic area of Germantown, herbalist Lauren Giambrone creates unique ointments and tinctures for a variety of ailments using freshly picked herbs from her garden and peddles them under the label Good Fight Herb Co. Accepted as one of three apprentices at the rigorous Northeast School of Botanical Medicine, since finishing Giambrone has applied her extensive knowledge to remedy common conditions as well as more modern maladies, like overworked New Yorkers (which is an immune-building tincture).

For Cool Hunting Giambrone created a healthy mix of mullein, mugwort, damiana, sage and lavender herbs, intended to ease stress and serve as an alternative to carcinogenic tobacco. Dubbed the Cool Hunting Herbal Smoke Blend, the concoction can be consumed on its own or added to other smokable herbs—especially those that may induce slight paranoia.

Selling from our CH Edition online shop for $15, the Herbal Smoke Blend comes with a pack of unbleached, 100% vegan rolling papers. More Good Fight Herb Co. medicinals can be found at Brooklyn’s Marlow & Sons General Store.