Prepara Herb-Savor


Although it's common knowledge that fresh ingredients yield the best results when cooking, the organic locally-grown herbs I bring home from the farmer's market always seem to wilt the second I close the refrigerator door. Replacing the old tin can-and-plastic bag method, Prepara's Prepara Herb-Savor prolongs the life of fresh herbs for up to three weeks keeping them encased with the ends submerged in water. (I've got a healthy crop of Italian parsley, mint and marjoram that's going on four weeks thanks to the Herb-Savor.)

With a slim design, it fits comfortably in most fridge doors or narrow spaces and its sturdy construction means it will stand up to bangs and drops. A transparent plastic case allows for monitoring, a removable stainless steel basket makes it simple to wash the herbs and a rubber plug enables you to easily refill the water base. Also great for asparagus, the Herb-Savor will allow you to splurge on lots of fresh herbs even if you don't know when you are going to get around to making that salsa, bruscetta or mojito.

Available online at Sur La Table for $30.