CH Gift Guide: Perfect Snap

Pinholes, time-lapse, GoPros and other cameras and accessories for your favorite photographer

Have a budding lensman in your life? Help your favorite photographer move beyond the confines of Instagram filters and into the bigger picture with a gift that will surely enhance their camera skills. Whether it’s Hasselblad’s beautiful point-and-shoot, a DIY pinhole camera, a handsome new strap, the latest adventure-ready GoPro, a time-lapse camera or gloves enabling quick manual maneuvers, the photography items from the Cool Hunting gift guide will turn an average picture into the perfect snap.

HasselbladStellarCamera-gg.jpg Viderecamera-gg.jpg
Hasselblad Stellar Camera

During World War II, Victor Hasselblad was commissioned by the Swedish Air Force to construct a camera that rivaled one recovered from a German spy plane shot down over Sweden. The quality inherent in Hasselblad’s original design lives on today in The Stellar, an elegant compact camera that packs a big punch with its advanced technology, Carl Zeiss lens and portable size. $1,995

Videre Pop-Up Pinhole Camera

From UK creative Kelly Angood, Videre is a flat-packed, DIY camera kit which visually mimics classic twin-lens reflex cameras. Made in England, the medium-format pinhole camera is screen printed by hand and individually die-cut, and shipped flat-packed for you to assemble easily. $56

fujimax-instant-mini-90.jpg impossible-project-instant-lab-gg.jpg
Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Camera

For picture-takers of all kinds, from city adventurers to party-goers, looking at your photos instantly is great. But what’s better than a tangible print? Fujifilm Instax makes it happen, in a wonderfully easy size. The Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Camera’s photos are as fun to hang up as mnemonic art as they are to give away instantly. $200

Impossible Instant Lab

For those who yearn for the bygone era of photo albums, or who pine for Polaroids and the instant gratification that comes along with them, the Impossible Instant Lab is ideal. Transform your photo stream into a tangible treasure for years to come. This analog printer uses light-sensitive emulsion to attain the results of a Polaroid snapshot with the ease of your trusty iPhone, for a printing technique that is both a nod to the past and a must for the future. $299

restoration-hardware-iphone-tripod.jpg blackbridlecamerastrap-gg.jpg
iPhone Zoom Lens + Tripod

Your likes on Instagram are sure to go through the roof with just a moderate investment in these lightweight, easy-to-use lenses and tripod from Restoration Hardware. Polarized macro and fisheye lenses lend extreme zoom and wide-angle capability, and the foldable tripod is maximally effective when stability is necessary. Finally, your iPhone camera’s capability matches its all-around quality. $49

Black Bridle Leather + Paracord Camera Strap

Killspencer’s Black Bridal Leather and Paracord Camera Strap will hold its own next to the most sophisticated of cameras. Master craftsmen hand-braid each cord (in the company’s Los Angeles workshop) from waxed linen thread—which is both tangle-free and highly durable—before it’s finished with hand-threaded leather trim. The result is a mixture of classic craftsmanship and modern minimalism that will keep you ready to capture the next great snapshot in style. $90

freehands-action-camera-2.jpg goproHERO3-gg.jpg
Gloves for Gadgets

Featuring fold-back thumb and index fingertips these smartphone-friendly gloves allow the wearer easy access to their touch-screen devices and fingerprint sensors. Photographers also love Freehands for cold weather outdoor shoots. Styles available for both men and women in leather, wool, cashmere and fleece. $18-80

HERO3+ Black Edition

The beloved GoPro just got even more badass, reborn into the Hero 3+ Black Edition. This all-time fave gadget, which has captured countless waves, rides, jumps, skydives and even one well-documented eagle-flight, is now 20% smaller and lighter than its predecessor. Improved imaging, audio and battery life, and powerful new features, such as wide-angle perspective and enhanced low-light performance, make this an ultra-versatile camera packing a big punch in such a small package. $400

brinnotimelapse-gg.jpg galileo-remote-control.jpg
TLC200 Pro HDR Time-Lapse Video Camera

This professional-grade camera simplifies HDR time-lapse photography and video production, packing loads of pro quality power into an affordable, easy-to-use package. With a monster-sized image sensor and 97 other sweet features, the Brinno TLC200 captures ultra-high dynamic range—115db, for crisp videos even in low light or backlit conditions. $255

Galileo Remote Control

The team at Motrr are using motion control to push the boundaries of the iPhone’s photo capabilities. The Galileo is a robotic dock that you can use to control the movement of your iPhone with simply the swipe of a finger—from any location, anywhere in the world. This handy gadget is great for video chats, as well as time-lapse photography and perfect panoramas. $150