CH Omakase 2016: Cole Haan GrandPrø Omakase Edition Tennis Sneakers

Made with vintage katazome fabric, these shoes were made in edition of 50 and no two pairs are the same

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It’s no secret how much we love indigo here at Cool Hunting. We’ve worked with Cole Haan for many years, admiring their technical innovations, accessibility, comfort, and the great people behind them. The kinds of people who, instead of laughing at our idea, jumped right into it and brought it to life. We take our collaborations seriously, and the ask was not an easy one. Starting with the lightweight GrandPrø sneaker, one of our favorites this year, made perfect sense. Our collection of antique Japanese resist indigo-dyed katazome cloth (acquired at Sri Threads) served as the muse for our limited edition Omakase edition GrandPrøs. Just 50 pairs of these unique GrandPrø sneakers were made—each pair going to an Omakase customer or very special friend with the pattern matched to the prospective owner. Beginning with the lightweight leather GrandPrø tennis sneaker, Cole Haan bonded the 100+-years-old katazome fabric to the leather, creating truly special shoes. Despite its age and fragile appearance, the fabric is highly durable. The result is a collection of high-quality, beautifully constructed sneakers that are unlike any others. Check out some examples in the slideshow above.

Just like all Cole Haan GrandPrøs our special edition is lightweight, super-comfortable and functional. While they look sophisticated, they feel more like a trainer.

While no more of the CH Omakase katazome sneakers will be made, you can pick up a pair of the standard issue GrandPrø at Cole Haan online or in stores. If you’re sad to have missed out, consider reserving your 2017 CH Omakase gift box now.

Images by Cool Hunting