COOL HUNTING Omakase 2017

Our program of never-seen-before, limited edition, not-yet-available and collaboratively designed gifts

We’re proud to announce the 2017 edition of 2017 CH Omakase, our second annual collection of holiday gifts, is now available for purchase.

Last year we debuted our COOL HUNTING Omakase collection—a holiday gift box of epic proportions, filled with items unavailable anywhere else. An evolution of our BUY section, gift guides and CH Edition collaborations, Omakase represents the best of our interests and crosses many of the pillars we cover: design, technology, art, food and drink, travel and style. For those who committed to Omakase last year, there was a level of trust as clients wondered what could be in the box. This year, everything will again be a surprise, but now there’s comfort in knowing of its previous success and seeing many past products. We will continue to delight with our selection of gifts—from stickers to chocolate to one-of-a-kind commissioned items that truly cannot be found elsewhere—which you can keep or share with friends and family.

There will be no repeat products from last year, but looking at the 2016 highlights shows you the kinds of items you can expect. From the Master & Dynamic MA770 speaker designed in collaboration with David Adjaye featuring a custom Omakase patterned grille, to an exclusive special edition of Finca Kilimanjaro, Blue Bottle’s Perfectly Ground coffee, we featured more than 40 products that we commissioned, collaborated on and had early access to.

We lent our own vision to collaborative products like the Omakase Edition Tumi Otis Backpack and the Cole Haan GrandPrø Omakase Edition Sneaker, based on antique Japanese resist indigo-dyed katazome cloth. From a G-RO Suitcase to Soxfords and Ember Mug, items large and small earned a place. This year will be no different. Well, it will be completely different, but we can guarantee what’s in box will be just as (if not more) high-quality, exciting and beautiful.

Order your 2017 CH Omakase online now, with three different pricing tiers commencing at $1,000. Limited quantities are available.

Images by Cool Hunting