CH Omakase 2016: Electric Objects

A special cherry wood frame for the second-generation art display

The more time we spend with the Electric Objects EO2 and its companion app the more impressed we are with it. Including it in our 2016 Omakase was an easy call—the second generation art display was just released and its optional frames new along with it. We commissioned a simple cherry wood frame for the Omakase Edition EO2, and bundled a year’s access to the subscription side of Art Club.

The EO2 features a 23-inch matte-finish vertical display with a 1080p HD LCD screen. An optional frame helps it blend in to your décor, and several styles are available. It features more than 20,000 (and growing) artworks, including work commissioned expressly for the platform and major museum collections, community playlists as well as the option to view your own works. The system adapts to the light of the room it is in, dimming and brightening according to conditions. The Android or iOS app makes managing and displaying your art as easy as you manage your music, and the social and community functions allow you to share your art playlist and see those of others who inspire you. It makes art-swapping much easier and using the device more enjoyable. Simply connect the device to WiFi, select art on the app, and you’re set.

“The internet has offered an incredible platform for art to reach people, but those experiences tend to be cacophonous or ephemeral or fleeting. Everything is competing for your click and your seconds of viewing time. That’s not a great way to experience art,” says founder Jake Levine. With the EO2 you can enjoy art at your own pace, and change your environment with a quick click on the app.

While you can’t order our Omakase edition cherry wood frame you can pick up an EO2 for a very reasonable $299 and select an optional frame for under $100. The EO Art Club app is free and delivers a lot of art; to access all of the great commissions and social functionality requires a $10 a month subscription fee, a small price to pay to have unlimited art options in your home or office.

Lead image by Cool Hunting, all others courtesy of Electric Objects