CH Omakase 2016: Various Keytags

Specially made accessories for our customers, in an edition of just 50

Made in edition of 50, the CH Omakase + Various Keytags key rings were a special treat for all our Omakase clients. Various Keytags wanted to do an assortment as they felt it suited the project, so ultimately we ended up with 10 different, exciting colorways—including vibrant yellows and pinks and even a wood grain finish. Not only are they useful and attention-grabbing, they’re a daily reminder to enjoy and live your very own expert’s choice.

While the Omakase edition key tags are all gone, the creative duo behind Various Keytags has hundreds of playful options on their website. You, too, can also have custom versions commissioned. To reserve your Omakase gift box for next year, sign up online.

Image by Cool Hunting