In the comic books, superheroes-in-disguise Clark Kent and Peter Parker answered to editors Perry White and J. Jonah Jameson. But what did these two captains of industry have in common besides being press barons with superheroes on their payroll? They ran their respective empires from the comfort of a grandiose executive chair. And now you can too. Dutchman Marijn van der Poll's design firm, North Industries, has unveiled the ultimate chair for the work-a-day office superhero. Through van der Poll's brilliant design, anyone from cubicle dwellers to boardroom lions, can command instant respect as this single piece of essential office furniture. Something as simple and necessary as an office chair transforms any deskbound suit into: Chairman. Van der Poll says he draws inspiration for the design from his comic book heroes. "I figured I'd try and give today's CEO the ultimate corporate seating object with special powers," he told Cool Hunting from his secret below sealevel lair known as Holland. Kidding aside, this is no ordinary chair. Because ordinary chairs don't levitate. But "Chairman" does. With the flick of a switch, the turbines in "Chairman" produce a thin cushion of air, reducing the friction between the sitter and the ground, virtually nil. What does this mean? It means that this two hundred pound throne can be pushed around the boardroom with the touch of a finger. Though with "Chairman" you'll rarely find yourself being pushed around.

About $7,000 (plus shipping). Email Marijn van der Poll to order: post [at] marijnvanderpoll [dot] com

Josh Rubin

Josh Rubin

Josh Rubin is COOL HUNTING's founder, editor and executive creative director. He brings his background as a photographer and expertise as a user experience designer to his point of view on what makes a good story for CH—this most often include some kind of intersectionality between art, culture, technology and design. Josh is a bit of an urban hippie, obsessed with most things Japanese, a Sealyham Terrier lover and very food motivated.

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