Cool Hunting Video: Helen Levi

Artful production ceramics and collaborations from a fresh Brooklyn-based designer

As a deeper appreciation and understanding of craftsmanship continues to permeate our culture, it becomes more and more challenging as a consumer to identify value—something that is now more often about personal appeal, rather than price. When holding a handmade item, we relate to the energy, creativity and effort that went into making it, all three of which are evident in the work of ceramicist Helen Levi. With a diverse line of goods, Levi’s work is imaginative and charming, using creative methods to enhance an age-old medium. With a strong focus on collaboration, she made dinnerware for NY Sushi Ko and has done custom work with Of A Kind and several others, yet Levi is always looking for something new. We spent some time with Levi at her Brooklyn studio and discussed the creative process and the challenges of a young artist turning a hobby into a profession.