The Revolving COLOREVOLUTION Watch

A timepiece that changes visually with each passing minute


A glance at the face of Winter Design Group‘s COLOREVOLUTION watch won’t ever be the same twice in one day. With each passing minute, colors evolve and shift. Cyan, magenta and yellow form the base and overlap to yield an array of charming colors across the spectrum. The stainless steel case, with a tachymeter dial and silicone strap contribute to a more durable and sporty look. Inside the water-resistant watch, a high torque Japanese movement keeps it ticking.

NYC-based Winter Design Group has been around for 10 years, crafting products for museums and other cultural institutions, including many watches. Founder Bruce Winter tells CH, “The inspiration for this watch was a study on color theory—in particular it was to teach about how all the mixtures of colors in the watch, and the world of art, come from three colors.” Altogether, the piece warrants repeat looks as the hands move the swathes of colors along and, each time, the wearer will catch something special.

The COLOREVOLUTION watch is available for purchase online for $98.

Images courtesy of Winter Design Group