CP Slippers’ Leather Footwear

Handmade loungewear from the highest quality material

For decades now, the family-owned and -operated CP Slippers factory in Elche, Spain has produced one of the most natural-feeling footwear items around. Inspired by founder Oscar Arenas’ trip to Japan in 1981, the slippers were designed for two-fold function: to leave outside dirt where it belongs, and to lend wearers the illusion that they are barefoot. From their simplicity and lightness, to the smooth leather interior, the slippers do feel as if one is stepping onto a freshly polished hardwood floor.

Each slipper is crafted from one sheet of premium calfskin leather. The leather is cut and the piece is formed around a mold before stitching—a process that minimizes material waste. All of this is done by hand in Spain. There are no unnecessary flourishes here (though, there is a range of colorways). In fact, this is about as minimal as a slipper can get. And yet, they provide just what’s needed for ease of slipping into footwear for the home.

Peruse CP Slippers collections online, where all items sell for $35.

Images by Cool Hunting