Peerless 125 Collection by Cross Pens

The Rhode Island-based heritage brand's impeccable writing instruments


Despite our constant shift deeper into the world of digital, many opportunities to write the good old-fashioned way—with a pen—manifest regularly. Harkening back to the time when well-made writing instruments could be handed down from generation to generation, heritage brand Cross Pens celebrated their 125th anniversary last year by debuting the Peerless 125. And after testing one out for a few months, we can attest to its beauty and continued reliability. The design DNA in the series is distinctly Cross. It happens to be an amalgamation of their initial implements from 1889 and their classic Century line launched in 1935. This fusion delivers something classic, yet touched with modernity and built for the future.


The luxuriant range comes in ballpoint, fountain and rollerball options. Their ballpoint pens come complete with a swivel-action propel/repel feature which actually aids in writing precision. The Cross rollerball has a proprietary Selectip gel point, also designed for cleanness and clarity. But it’s the fountain pen that truly shines. It bears an adaptable wide nib made of 18-karat gold, and pairs with their specially formulated ink. These are pens designed to be used—over and over again for decades. Cross continues to debut striking offerings, like this year’s Japanese Cherry Blossom Platinum Pen, but there is something about Peerless that appeals to writers who desire a nuanced balance of the past and present.

Explore the Peerless range online, with prices starting at $125.

Images courtesy of Cross Pens