Cross Star Wars Limited Edition Pens

The famous American brand's collection is available now at Bezar's pop-up shop

Founded a long time ago (in 1846) in a galaxy not so far away, Cross is the United States’ oldest manufacturer of fine writing instruments. Yet, even with such a significant history and heritage behind them, the brand is unafraid to be playful and forward-thinking. This light-hearted nature is evident in their latest Star Wars-themed Townsend pens. Three pens have been modeled to resemble Darth Vader, C-3PO or a Stormtrooper—made in an edition of just 1,977 and each is individually serialized. Design and Star Wars enthusiasts will note the meticulous attention to detail, and while each iconic character is immediately recognizable (if only by their gold, black and white colorways), the designs are subtle enough to be a sophisticated addition to any desk.

When speaking with Bradford Shellhammer—founder of Bezar, where the pens are available—about the collection, he told CH, “As a child, I collected Star Wars figures and obsessed over the films. I still do as an adult. When the team from Cross, the iconic US pen brand, came to us to dream of ways of collaborating, I immediately

suggested launching the Star Wars line. They’re functional and aesthetically stunning, made by an iconic brand honoring an iconic film. And the kid in me couldn’t be happier too.”

We asked Shellhammer to share his “Ghost, Fuck, Marry” choices for the characters. “Ghost: C-3PO. He talks too much and I’m the one talking in my relationships! Fuck: Storm Trooper. I love a man in uniform. Marry: Darth Vadar. I want to wake up in the Death Star everyday.” Thanks, Bradford, we knew we could count on you to nail that answer!

Available from Bezar’s pop-up shop (which launches today, Monday 31 August 2015), the Cross Townsend limited edition Star Wars pens are available in ballpoint ($450) and fountain ($575).

Images courtesy of Cross and Bezar