Cut That Out: Collage in Contemporary Design

A comprehensive book exploring the medium, far beyond cut-and-paste

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Both Ryan Doyle (aka DR) and Mark Edwards (aka ME) were—like many of us—introduced to collage at a young age; Doyle by his mother who presented him with a collage of photos of himself, and Edwards who was introduced to a family friend Steve Smith (who worked under the name Neasden Control Centre) who made collages for a living. Now, working as a duo known as DR.ME, Doyle and Edwards remain as fascinated by the art form as ever, and are watching its resurgence with interest and glee. Curating the new book “Cut That Out: Collage in Contemporary Design,” the pair has delved deep into modern-day collage, which has moved far beyond the simple cut-and-paste technique and now involves almost all mediums—from photomontage to digital manipulation.

Focusing on several artists and designers, the book is comprehensive and varied—from seemingly lo-fi to wildly polished. From Tsunehisa Kimura’s famous surreal scenes of chaos and destruction to Beth Hoeckel’s artwork for the Future Islands Singles record and Matt Maitland’s lush, glossy works (including his Michael Jackson and Bubbles piece for Clash Magazine), the styles and techniques are seemingly endless. The pages boast 350 illustrations—each more fascinating than the last and every one warrants much more than a glance, thanks to collage’s rich and layered actuality.

Officially released 27 September this year, “Cut That Out: Collage in Contemporary Design” is available for pre-order now for $50.

Images by Katie Olsen