Design Your Self


Blob king Karim Rashid's unique brand of hyper-optimism isn't just about over-the-top design apparently. It's a also a lifestyle. Rashid's new book, Design Your Self: Rethinking the Way You Live, Love, Work, and Play, covers a wide range of topics (from watching porn to closet cleaning) and the super-designer's approach to nearly every mundane task is a rockstar mix of luxury and hedonism. Though it reads something like a coked-up self-help book, Rashid's enthusiasm—his cheeky one-liners in varying font sizes, the sections divided into candy-colored layouts, and the near-maniacal practicality ("Never check luggage if your trip is less than six days.")—is an engaging prescription for life in the 21st century.

Due out 11 April 2006, it can be preordered from Amazon.