Dish & DUER’s Best Hot Weather Pants

Made from a lightweight and breathable proprietary fabric these trousers can go around the world and back to the office

Sponsored by Dish & DUER

Launching today on Kickstarter, more tech-forward apparel from Dish & DUER: the Best Hot Weather Pants. Perfect for hot weather, these BHW Pants are breathable, anti-bacterial and super-stretchy (also making them ideal for travel) and have been carefully designed for all genders.

The brand built on the foundation of their popular (and CH endorsed) No Sweat fabric for these pants, slightly adjusting the composition to make them perfect for schvitzy weather. By adjusting the amounts and weaving the fibers in a different way, the resulting fabric is perfect for travel—light, comfy and airy. The four fibers used (Tencel, cotton, polyester and spandex) each offer something essential to the functionality of the pants. Cotton allows air-flow, spandex provides movability, while Tencel provides plenty of benefits that wearers will really feel. Not only is Tencel anti-microbial, it also manages moisture so you won’t be soaked in sweat—or rain, depending on the conditions.

Available in three designs (five-pocket pant, cargo and jogger) and four super-wearable colorways (black, storm, cinder and fatigues) there’s a style for just about everybody. Features include reinforced stitching, invisible venting, security pocket and even a seat gusset—which is especially important in swampy, muggy heat. Even on days when it seems too hot for shorts, let alone pants, Dish & DUER will have you comfortable, looking and feeling fine.

Currently funding on Kickstarter, the Best Hot Weather Pants will ship December 2016.

Images courtesy of dish & DUER