Two enterprising Swedes hit the streets to launch their spray can nozzle stool


This summer sees the full-scale production of “Cap” (the spray-can-nozzle-shaped stool that we previously featured in prototype stage on CH, accompanied by a campaign that literally takes it to the streets, featuring photographs of the stool in various unlikely urban scenarios. The cityscape theme plays on
the graffiti roots of the stool and shows how its mega-scale makes a playful design choice for those who like a little pop culture in their decor.

Cap_3.jpg Cap_4.jpg

Inspired by the significance of street art, DFTS Factory co-founder Andreas Aaltonen emphasizes, “Cap is as much a stamp of belief and identity as it is a piece of furniture.” Aaltonen’s partner Gustaf Kjellin agrees, explaining, “The nozzle is essential to graffiti artists. It’s a tool, a carrier, a way of getting your message across. With “Cap” we want to give people another way to get the message across, that you share our love for this artform, yet convey that feeling in a more permanent way.”


The pair’s earnest approach to design carries through in their hard work setting up DFTS Factory to be an alternative to Sweden’s mainstream design companies. Focusing on production based on clever design and thinking and a respect for the environment, they eschew the practice of releasing products based around a traditional seasonal schedule. Instead, the pair only intend to release designs with timing they feel is appropriate in efforts to avoid problems inherent to the design industry, such as overconsumption and overproduction.


DFTS Factory plans on releasing more original designs, but also hopes to explore collaborative opportunities offered by other like-minded designers and artists in and around Scandinavia. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long to see its next release.

Pick up the current release from the
DFTS shop
for €240.