Danish Architect Dorte Mandrup’s The Whale Visitor Center in the Arctic Circle

A few miles from the shore of Norwegian town Andenes, on the island Andøya in the Arctic Circle, a deep-sea valley (called bleiksdjupa) frequently welcomes migrating whales. Breaching the dramatic landscape near the town, The Whale attraction will open its doors to visitors hoping to catch a glimpse. Inside, it will also tell the story of the magnificent marine mammals, their relationship to humans and their passage through the area. Danish Architect Dorte Mandrup’s parabolic design, imagined and developed in collaboration with Marianne Levinsen Landskab, JAC Studio, Thornton Tomasetti, AT Plan & Arkitektur, Nils Øien and Anders Kold, beat out many international powerhouse firms—and understandably so as it embraces the surrounding landscape. See more stunning images at Dorte Madrup’s site.