Dr Woo + Modernica Fiberglass Eiffel Chair

The famed tattoo artist updates the iconic design with his own x-rays

For its latest collaboration, modernist furniture company Modernica has teamed up with famed tattoo artist (and fellow Los Angeles native) Brian Woo (aka Dr Woo) for a limited edition Fiberglass Eiffel Side Chair. While, at first, the two may seem like unlikely partners, both have committed themselves to keeping a craft alive. Modernica has managed to continuously adopt new modernist furniture designs while keeping manufacturing processes largely the same for 25 years, and—in many ways—Dr Woo has done the same for the tattoo industry. He’s revitalized the classic single-needle technique in his own fine-lined style, garnering a lot of attention (and Instagram followers) in the process. So it seems natural the two have found each other.

For the collaborative project, Woo’s signature black and white aesthetic is reimagined on the iconic Eiffel Chair, updating the classic fiberglass body with a bold skeleton design. In fact, the skeletal graphic featured on the new chairs are real x-rays of Woo himself. The idea came to him after long hours spent sitting down at the shop and the feeling that he leaves part of himself in the chair. The graphics are hand-laid into each chair after they’ve been stamped into shape at Modernica’s downtown Los Angeles factory.

The limited edition Dr Woo + Modernica chairs retail for $450 a piece and are available today, 15 September, exclusively on Dr Woo’s site.

Images courtesy of Dr Woo + Modernica