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Modernica Taps Cleon Peterson for 30th Anniversary Furniture

Two limited edition pieces adorned with the artist’s 2019 piece “Land of Shadows”

Since 1989, Modernica has offered design-forward products of the utmost quality. At their family-owned factory in Vernon, California, ceramic goods and furniture are manufactured using many of the same tools and processes employed in the ’50s and ’60s. Though they’re perhaps best known for revitalizing the fiberglass molding process for their iconic chairs, the brand has—under their Case Study moniker—turned to upholstery for their 30th anniversary collaboration with LA-based artist Cleon Peterson. Together, they crafted a three-piece Daybed Sectional and an Upholstered Rocker Chair covered in Peterson’s 2019 piece “Land of Shadows.”

Limited to 50 and 100 pieces respectively, the Sectional and Rocker Chair are part of ongoing celebrations for the company’s milestone birthday. By tapping a variety of artists for collaborations, the company has compiled quite a calendar year of releases. From Louis de Guzman’s pop art chair and daybed to Krink’s graffiti-inspired fiberglass chair, these functional pieces of furniture double as limited edition artworks. Owner Jay Novak tells us, “A major accomplishment for Modernica in the last 30 years has been acquiring the right team—from our furniture builders to our creative team. It is what has allowed us to work with distinguished artists like Cleon Peterson.”

“I really like the idea of artwork having some kind of utility,” Peterson says. “I come from a tradition of design, and in design you want things to work and have a function and a use. I love the idea of artwork not just being something you see that just sits on the wall but something you actually live with at the same time.”

The Daybed Sectional and the Upholstered Rocker Chair are available now on Modernica’s site.

Images courtesy of Modernica


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